How can we form a wellness plan?

A space to discuss the event How can we form a wellness plan? with Pastor Ryan Hall:

Discussion Questions:

  1. What is one aspiration you have for wellness?

  2. What is one way you plan to move in that direction?


One aspiration for wellness for me is parenting, specifically helping children have firm foundations in their faith. I plan to do a bible lesson on Christian worldview at least once a week at home. I also want to read and discuss a part of the Bible daily with the children but our family has struggled being consistent. I have to identify things that lead to a lack of consistency and have a plan.

We troubleshoot our progress with all kinds of projects at work but somehow don’t use the same approach when it comes to family time. This lecture was helpful in thinking about the goals, root causes of failures and having a balanced plan.


Hi Lakshmi,

This is a challenge for us as well. I’ve resolved to never have a devotional if we aren’t relationally connected and enjoying the time together. I think if experiencing God’s Word is forced or experienced as disconnected from our relationship that’s worse than not doing it at all.

As an encouragement, the rhythm that is working right now is that after the kids get ready for bed, we read together. After we enjoy a good book, we do a short devotional. That’s a reliable time to have a lot of fun, share our hearts, and know there will be space for reading a few verses together. Then we pray, which always concludes with saying the Lord’s prayer together. I treasure this time with my kids. I know it won’t last forever, but in this season, it’s one habit that we’ve slowly developed.

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Thanks for the wisdom there on being careful not to force God’s word if kids are not ready. Bedtime is certainly one of the best times to incorporate into schedule. Appreciate you sharing some suggestions.

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