What is a healthy motivation for growth?

Hi friends,

I want to share one unanswered question from our event “How can we form a wellness plan?”:

I think part of a wellness plan might include having a vision and corresponding motivation. How do you find and do this, without running into a ditch of discouragement or running yourself over in the need to be active and achieve?

What motivates you to become “well” - to pursue Christlikeness and spiritual maturity?

Or by contrast: what motivations have you found don’t work?

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I think that a healthy motivation for growth (or to do anything) would be centered around God and glorifying him. To glorify him, we should also take care of our physical, mental and emotional needs as those are needed to help us keep up in the long run. An example would be to keep fit for God rather than looks, though outwardly the same thing, by keeping God in the center ensures that we are able to be in the world but not of it.

Another example that comes up rather often in my life would be studying languages. My classmates and I really struggled a lot with the difficulty of Greek, due to our lecturer being someone who expects us to go above and beyond for it. This resulted in many of us failing tests every week, being burnt out, disappointed and even some of them dropping the course. I’ve spend many days stressing over what to do about it and being anxious before the classes.
However, I’ve realized that perhaps I was driven by pride and academic achievement to proof my worth rather than doing it to learn more about God. Therefore, my motivation was wrong to begin with and I couldn’t go on with my own strength. It was better to be to learn to accept failure with humility and to remember why I was doing what I was doing to begin with.

Something I’ve learnt from these experiences would be to do my best and leave the rest to God as we can trust him to support us and our efforts through tough times. Giving us strength and guidiance beyond out human efforts.


In character building I adopt a multi-dimensional attitude and base my belief in Another Comforter on relationship.

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