How do you regain mental energy when you’re depleted?

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At our event How can we form a wellness plan?, the following question was asked:

How do you regain mental energy when you’re depleted?

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to discuss it during the session.

I know there are many strategies for when I feel depleted. The problem is, that’s when I don’t have the energy to pursue them! :sweat_smile:

Part of my way of living with this experience is to accept that it is part of life. It is unrealistic to expect that every moment will be exciting and fulfilly.

Another approach is to build my core capacity. This includes eating healthy, sleeping well, regularly exercising, and spending time with friends. Over the span of months, I’ve noticed that slowly building the depth of these commitments is what increases my mental energy.

And for some issues, that’s when I turn to a call with my counselor. For those who can afford it, and have access, I recommend professional counseling.

This is my perspective — what’s yours? What’s worked — and what hasn’t?

Sometimes it’s up to you to add a little excitement to your day. For example, if it snows, go sledding.

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