A Step by Step Guide To Participation in Uncommon Pursuit

Hi friend,

When you join any new community, it helps to know what steps to take in order to become a full member. We’ve designed a simple, clear system to help you feel like you belong.

In the first stage, you’re encouraged to join the community, read 5 posts and like 5 posts. Easy!

In the second stage, we ask you to introduce yourself, read 10 posts, and like 10 posts. You’ve got this!

In the third stage, we encourage you to create a post in My Step with God, read 20 posts, and like 20 posts. By now we hope you will feel like a valued member of the community.

In the fourth stage, we ask that you welcome a new member, discuss a resource, and read 50 posts. This is the final challenge.

After you finish the onboarding sequence, we will thank you for your contributions to the community!

If you have any questions or comments, just let us know!

Again… welcome to Uncommon Pursuit! Our prayer is that your involvement would be one way that God transforms you for God’s mission.


I look forward to starting my journey towards a deeper ,emotional revealing relationship with my heavenly father and getting to know some of the community members . I accepted jesus as many lord and savior 3 years ago , i had been struggling , in the sence that he is always next to me , i truly believe that but sometimes i do not feel him and i hold on to the promise that my heavenly father made to me when i said yes to jesus I WILL NEVER LEAVE U ORPHANED , The bible says to get back to the father u must look for your first love i hope and pray that u will help me find it again-----god bless u


@paul5 thanks for sharing this!

This is a powerful and true promise. It’s really interesting you said this, as it reminds me of a recent post we’ve had about not always feeling God’s presence even though he’s promised it:

I agree that we are to keep focussed on our first love. I hope you find encouragement and community here!


About 20 years ago was when I learned about Paul through BSf and have been through many Bible studies since but not as much studying as I get from BSF. I do Bible studies at church and do lead some myself. I do feel to let God changing ways is to let yourself read the Proverbs for 6 months. Do the day of the month and that is the day of Proverbs. If by chance you miss a day go ahead to the next day. I think I may be at the wrong place but I can stay here also and get to know people. Kris Swartz


Hi @kris Welcome to Uncommon Pursuit! I really like your idea of reading Proverbs each day of the month. I’d recently heard someone else mention this so I was struck again by the idea of immersing oneself in the wisdom of God that way. Do stick around and get to know people - there are plenty of conversations to dig into, or start new ones!