Dry seasons

Hi friends,

Have you ever had a “dry season” - where you don’t feel like connecting with God, but also, when you try to connect with God, you come up short?

If so, what helped you eventually reconnect with God?

Or, if you’re still feeling like God is distant, what keeps you going?


I had a really dry season some time ago. God seemed so silent. I can’t say for sure when things began to feel better for me. I pushed on with my study and prayer times because I knew it was the right thing to do, even though it was hard! There were still moments where I felt an awe of God and his love for mankind, but there didn’t seem to be any personal sense of what God’s love for me felt like. I think it was helpful to listen to testimonies of how God had worked in the lives of other people. These helped me to see that God was still active in lives around me, and therefore logically he must be active in mine, even though it didn’t feel like it. I was honest with church leaders - they were very patient with me in my various emotional states, particularly of frustration when my thoughts got in the way of entering into church worship times. Reflecting on what’s covered in the 12 Steps to God course, I think that without realising it, I was still able to be emotionally honest with myself, close friends, and church leaders about the whole thing. At some point along the way, the dry season took it’s course and I began to feel like God was speaking to me again, that I could feel his presence again, and that I felt loved and secure again. Not sure of any specific moment things began to shift.

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