Why Wait?

A space to discuss the essay, “Why wait?”


Two things to share:

  1. I have been reading Isaiah 40 of late, and the final promise in verse 31 reads:

“But those who wait upon the LORD
shall renew their strength”

Only those who know the God of Isaiah 40 are prepared to learn to wait- for they are learning to trust Him, and not lean of their own understanding.

  1. I remember Lisa Harper did a sermon on Anna and Simeon. She drew out their faithfulness in waiting. If I find it I will try and link it here for your encouragement.

Why wait? If God is perfect, I believe He is, the process of life is perfect. God’s ways are higher than ours. All things work together for good for those that love God, those called according to His purpose. What I consider unnecessary, works within God’s plans. Wait for the perfect plan of God to unfold, for what better choice do we have? Who, besides GOD, really understands perfection? We tend to destroy what we don’t understand. The perfect Jesus Christ was crucified. Yet GOD used it for good. Wait on the LORD. Perfect outcomes is what GOD is all about. Trusting in GOD is a good reason to wait.

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Trusting in God is not only a GOOD reason to wait. Could it be considered the ONLY reason to wait?


Hi Geoff,

Amen to that my brother in Christ. After all, it’s all about God!!


Yes, I think we wait because we trust God.

But as we wait, our hearts are prepared to notice what God is doing in us, around us, and even through us.

And as we wait, we start to realize there are other, new, creative ways we can love God and others that we would otherwise miss.

What else have you seen God do when you waited on him?


[quote=“Carson, post:6, topic:3352”]
But as we wait, our hearts are prepared to notice what God is doing in us, around us, and even through us.

Really, Carson, when you stop and think about what you have said, doesn’t that describe it all? I don’t mean to minimize what you have gone through, but your suffering has become the platform in which You have trusted God, and seen Him do some things which are extraordinary. Wouldn’t you agree?

I don’t want to sound like a broken record here, but I was rereading Isaiah 40 this morning, and in my journal, commenting on verses 27-31, I stated this:

Don’t complain. God is LORD His understanding is far beyond your own He will give you strength as you wait for Him. Perseverance is the path of the believer.

What else have I learnt? I have been humbled. I am a more grateful man today. In me in nothing good; without Christ working in me I can do nothing. The biggest learning of all, and something which is ongoing, is Christ saved us for Himself. WE are brothers and sisters, equally in need of grace, equally in need of prayer.

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Thanks for reminding us of the God who was, and who is, and who will forever be!!