Why should I prioritize time with God?


What difference does it make if I have a “quiet time with God” - or not?

Why read the Bible every day? Why set aside a regular time to pray? Why journal?

I have my answers, but I’m curious what you would say. I’m interested in both your personal experiences and thoughts from the Bible.


Not every day is a great time of bible reading and prayer even when we want to. The cares of this world, work deadlines, emotional state, ability to understand, lack of bible study tools and a variety of other reasons can cause us to not persevere. These are good reasons that may cause us to be discouraged by our own inconsistency and not even make a goal to have a quiet time. However I have seen that having an inconsistent sincere time of prayer is better for my spiritual growth than none at all. As I try to be consistent, sooner or later the words of the Bible speak to my situation and provide me wisdom to handle the different tests we face in this life.

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@lakshmi, it’s refreshing to hear this perspective!

Rather than measure me by an arbitrary standard - a daily quiet time - you approach from the perspective of acknowledging our human limitations.

Yet, we are invited to bring God’s love and wisdom into our lives. When we can, if we can, it is better to journey with God than without through the challenges we face.

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