What's the point of reading the Bible?

Hi everyone,

So… what’s the point of reading the Bible?

I know we can quote chapter and verse. But I want to know how engaging with the Bible has changed your heart and life.

I’ll tip toe in: the Bible is one of the main ways that I experience a connection with God. Whether it is remembering verses I’ve memorized, studying it on my own, or talking about it with friends, I usually experience transcendence - that sense that God is speaking to me through his word.

From your heart, what’s the point of reading the Bible?


The Bible is not just an ordinary book to me. Even if one starts off considering it to be just a piece of literature, if we go to it with an open mind, it is soon fairly apparent that it is beyond the ordinary - it truly is God’s word. One of the oft heard quotes is that ‘The Bible is not a book that you read, it reads you’. Which is quite true! It encourages, it guides, it convicts and searches deep within me, exposing areas that I was not even aware of.
Memorisation of passages brings back these words of encouragement when I most need them - in times of despair or discouragement.

Totally agree with you on this - the words of the Bible are like the breath of God close within me, His ‘Ruach’ or spirit ministering when I am awake and when I am asleep.

Psalm 16:7 - I will praise the Lord, who counsels me; even at night my heart instructs me.

Not spending time with God’s word have been times of dryness in my soul. His word feeds my soul like water perks up a wilting plant. It is food for the spirit (Matthew 4:4). Yes, there have been times when reading has been a drudgery, with no ‘inspiration’ to cherish or enjoy, but disciplined trudging through the word has inevitably led to a place of either conviction or breakthrough.


@tony you have summarised well how I feel about reading the Bible and the impact it has on me. It is a pool of the most crystal clear, refreshing water in the middle of a dry desert. Not reading the Bible for a period of time, and then coming back to it always starkly highlights the spiritual nourishment that it brings.