What's the #1 reason people reject Christianity?

The most significant disillusionment of my life came when I saw the gap between what Ravi Zacharias said and what he did. He claimed to be a champion of truth and respect for everyone, but his life demonstrated a willingness to lie and abuse women.

I wrote about it for The Christian Post when I was still an employee at RZIM:

It isn’t just me. The #1 reason that people reject Christianity, at least in America, according to Barna’s research, is hypocrisy. Here’s the report:

They show that Christians consider their beliefs worthy of respect. They see Christianity as having good values and principles and that we consistently show love for other people.

By contrast, those of no faith are far less likely to think this is the case and report that Christians are judgmental, hypocritical, and out of touch with reality.

We might disagree on some ethical positions, as the way of Jesus is always in contrast to the way of the world. Yet it also seems like an opportunity to pause, listen, and consider how we can build bridges across these strong differences in how Christianity is perceived.

What do you make of this report? How does it awaken your concern for others? How does it prompt you to love?