What Jesus Are You Waiting For?

A space to discuss the essay, “What Jesus Are You Waiting For?”

Discussion Questions:

  1. When have you made assumptions about someone based just on their name or label?

  2. In what ways do you want a transactional relationship with God?

  3. What makes you doubt God?

  4. How should Jesus’ priorities affect our priorities?

Of course, feel free to share other thoughts, objections, or questions about this article!


I tend to shape God into my image. Yet He says, “man is made in His image.” God is right and I am wrong. We are made as the images of God. We are not God, just lesser images of God. Jesus is the exact image of God. Be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Do not lean on your own understanding, but acknowledge God in all that you do.


The Word of God reveals who Jesus is. The Word of God is spiritually discerned. It takes the Holy Spirit to reveal the Word of God to us. God chooses His elect.


What a great topic! At first, I thought of standard answers; but this forum is designed for Spiritual growth (thank you!), not simply to make ourselves feel/look better than we are, so my answers have to be based on my truths. In order to grow, we have to recognise the things we do in accordance with our professed beliefs as-well-as the things we need to improve upon.

  1. When have you made assumptions about someone based just on their name or label?

    • At one time in my life, I was supremely judgemental - ok, I still am sometimes, but I’m STRIVING to become a better person. Judging people, things, circumstances is one of the WORST conditions humanity was saddled with.

For example, many people fear certain dogs simply because of their breed. Never mind the fact that animals are TRAINED by PEOPLE to do the things they do. Whether they purposefully teach the animal or it learns behaviors because of how their owner treats them, it’s not the ANIMAL to be feared, its the person teaching them.

Similarly, children are taught certain behaviors and attitudes. We are taught that some races are to be feared or hated, and we are also taught that some races are too be admired simply because of the color of their skin, their religion, or because of where they were born. I was born in a southern state in the late 60’s; my family was extremely prejudiced against African Americans, yet when I was very young, I didn’t even NOTICE skin color except to visually see that my skin was a different color. I didn’t understand why my dad didn’t want my friends coming over, and I was heartbroken when I was forbidden to be friends with most of my classmates.

Having grown up with those prejudices, I became prejudiced myself. Once I got married and moved away, and especially after I went to college, I was exposed to people of from a huge variety of races, nationalities, different socio-economic groups, countries and religions. Some of the people I met became friends and study partners, others didn’t. My biggest struggle was in learning that I didn’t NEED to fear them simply because they don’t look like me. Still, such prejudices are difficult to overcome; when you’re taught from the beginning to fear people of different races, its hard to not cross the street to avoid them when you’re alone in the dark.

Still, I don’t like that person, the one I was raised to be; after I turned to Christ, He began showing me, teaching me how hurtful those attitudes are. God created ALL of mankind in His image. We have His DNA, and we’re meant to LOVE our brothers- and sisters-in-Christ. He called the Israelites His “people”, yet He adopted the Gentiles into the family. On a side note, did you know that in Old Testament times, parents could disown their biological children, but if a child was ADOPTED into their family, it was ILLEGAL to disown them? So God adopting Gentiles into the family was a really BID DEAL. We cannot be disowned.

When I began to understand His love for us, I began to want to be more like Him; He began changing me. He’s given me so much and has asked for so little. He is the Creator, and if He chose, He could destroy humanity again; yet, in His mercy, He withholds judgement. How could I not show that same mercy, goodness and love? He gave me life, so I now live for Him. I’m not finished yet, I’m still learning and growing, but I no longer fear the things of this world; whether it’s people I don’t know or governments or even just the weather, I don’t need to fear because I stand with Him.

  1. In what ways do you want a transactional relationship with God?

    • The word “transactional” means an “exchange” of something (goods, services) and receipt of something between parties. I have nothing to give because everything I have is from Him. He gave me life, it’s His to do with as He wants; however, I understand the gist of the question. My answer is that I truly want to be able to quiet my mind in order to hear HIM. I want to learn to build my faith in order to be a better ambassador for Him. I want everyone I meet to feel loved, appreciated, cared for and heard. In order to be that ambassador though, I need to be able to listen to His leading; I need His guidance.
  2. What makes you doubt God?

    • Once I truly became a believer, I never doubted again. Over the last 20 or so years, I’ve had MANY problems, many trials, but I’ve never doubted Him or His love. Through every trial, I trust that He will see me through to the other side. How can ANY believer doubt? Once you’ve felt that love that surpasses understanding, how in the world can you doubt?
  3. How should Jesus’ priorities affect our priorities?

    • God gave us everything, including His Son. His sacrifice is our example of how to live. Everything we do should be in teaspoons to His leading.

@Carson, thank you for this site, for the thought provoking discussions, and for giving believers a forum to support, pray for, learn from, and teach like-minded people. You are a blessing.

With the love of Christ,


Hi @cathi,

I so appreciate you modeling this for us! It takes more work, but I think the value is more than worth it. We can keep drifting along, or we can think something through more carefully, and help each other along the way with a valuable conversation.

You shared so vulnerably about how you were raised and how by God’s grace you are overcoming those prejudices. Wow, what a gift.

I think if we’re honest, there are some groups of people that we find more difficult to value. I pray this community can be a place where we learn to see the dignity of every person as God does.

It’s so encouraging to hear this. I’m excited for how we will contribute to each other’s growth!