What is the point of theology?

Hi friends,

Today, I happened to be reading in 1 Timothy 6. We read in verses 3-5,

If anyone teaches false doctrine and does not agree with the sound teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ and with the teaching that promotes godliness, he is conceited and understands nothing, but has an unhealthy interest in disputes and arguments over words. From these come envy, quarreling, slander, evil suspicions, and constant disagreement among people whose minds are depraved and deprived of the truth, who imagine that godliness is a way to material gain.

What is the point of true doctrine? Godliness.

But why do some people want to teach doctrine? Greed.

Paul is wise and perceptive.

He’s experienced that some people deliberately use “God words” for godless reasons.

We need to be aware of this problem to protect ourselves from disillusionment. When we see people using Bible verses for selfish reasons, we can conclude one thing: they understand nothing.

May God give us the strength to depend on him, so that as we read the Bible, we grow in godliness together.


What an important reminder! Amen. Thanks.