What is prayer?

A space to discuss the essay, “What is prayer?”


For me prayer is talking to GOD knowing HE is right there. Thanking HIM for Jesus and the HOLY SPIRIT.


@Carson, I love how you drew out the complexity of prayer when questioning what it actually means when someone says, “Prayer is talking to God.” There were many thoughtful points I hadn’t previously paused to consider.

I like how your definition of prayer as, “experiencing the presence of God,” emphasizes the nearness of God and our living life with Him. For me, this seems to really capture especially the small prayers of thanksgiving throughout the day when I am in wonder of God.

One question I have is, what would this definition mean for times of distress and longing when God feels distance, like that described in Psalm 77:1-9? Though the Psalmist eventually turns to remembrance of God’s working in the past as an assurance of God’s greatness in the present Psalm 77:10-20, I’m not sure we always get to such a place immediately in the face of tragedy.


Great article! I love this definition of prayer. Thanks for sharing.