What habit has most helped you draw close to God?

Hi friends,

Drawing close to God is a lifelong process, full of complexity and mystery. Yet there are some continuities amidst all our diverse stories.

12 Steps to God states:

We respond to the Spirit’s work in our spirit in all of our lives. We can engage with spiritual practices such as Bible reading, prayer, serving the poor, fasting, friendship with Christians, hearing the preaching of God’s word, and the discipline of study. But we can also be transformed as we cook a meal, sit in traffic, update a spreadsheet, or exercise.

The central thread of spiritual formation is the work of the Holy Spirit in our spirit.

One of the formative experiences of my life was, in college, seeing a friend read his Bible every morning. His love for God’s word inspired my love for God’s word.

I wanted to ask: what habit has most helped you draw close to God?

(For me, it is practicing the Presence, which led to the Together course).