What do you call God?

Hi friends,

What do you call God?

It’s interesting to see the variety of names for God in the Bible.

One of my favorites is when Hagar calls God “El Roi” in Genesis 16:13 - The God Who Sees Me.

I always want to be careful to approach God with respect. So I was encouraged to hear what the scholar John Walton found. He says, “This is the only example in the Old Testament of someone assigning a name to deity.”

In other words, the normal practice is for God to reveal his nature to us. Then, we humbly acknowledge who God is. After all, he is the Creator; we are the creatures.

So, whatever we call God, it needs to be a name that is appropriate to his nature and glory. Yet at the same time, we see that God honored a low-status woman like Hagar, and remembered the name she gave to him.

I’m curious: What names or attributes of God are most meaningful to you? And how do the names we use for God influence our relationship with Him?


The word “Abba” translated to English means daddy or Papa, I started my walk calling HIM that. When I ran across YHWH, the Hebrew name that HE revealed to Moses (only time HE said HIS name) in Exodus 3:14, " I AM" did something to me…That name!!! I AM all that you need, want, desire, I AM the all significant one…I AM HIM!!! I AM is awesome!!! As I have learned HE is!! When I need specifics I call different names, when I am praying warfare prayer’s I call Jehovah Gibbor Milcamah, which means The LORD strong and mighty The LORD Mighty in Battle… When I walk into a toxic situation, I Immediately call Jehovah Shalom Judges 6:24 The Lord is Peace, I speak to whatever emotional storm and say “Peace be still” whatever is occurring will calm down instantly. so I have found calling HIM by HIS different names gets an almost immediate response. Those are just examples, as I use whichever name fits the situation.


Alexis, that is a wonderful response. This shows me that I need to do a study on the names of God and how valuable it is to know everything that God is


When I’m feeling playful or when I’m sad, I call Him Daddy. When I’m giving Him glory, I call Him Father, My Lord, or Holy One. When I’m praying over or for someone, I call Him Heavenly Father or Holy Spirit.

To me, He is my Dad, my loving, sweet, gentle, caring, sometimes playful, sometimes serious, but ALWAYS there when I need Him, Daddy.

I did just read something with the name El Roi, and that spoke to me, it’s very respectful it seems… I’ll probably start using it in worship now, too…


I call HIM a lot of names…HIMSELF (HE is GOD all by HIMSELF)
The Great I AM, my go to is PAPA. Every time I call HIM that HE floods me with love.
My All That. Truly it depends on which of HIS aspects I need at the time I’m calling HIS name.


I am agree that El Roi is particularly meaningful becoz it highlights God is personal care and attention to each of us.
For me ,one of the most meaningful names for God is Jehovah Jireh. This name found in Genesis 22:14, reminds me of God is faithfulness and provision in every situation.
we use the name for God deeply influence our relationship with him becoz they shape our understanding of His character. Calling Him Father emphasizes His loving and nurturing nature while Almighty underscores His power and sovereignty. Each name helps us see a different facet of His nature and draw closer to Him in trust and reverence & Are there any specific names of God that resonate with you and enhance your spiritual journey?