What are the "mega questions" of your culture?

Hi everyone,

There was a time when I thought everyone, everywhere asked the same kinds of questions. I was trained to believe that a few diagnostic questions would open up an interest in the gospel, and in God, no matter where I was or who I was talking to.

But now… I don’t think that’s how it works. Each person is complicated, formed by many influences. And each culture prioritizes different values and goals.

I’m curious: what are the actual questions of people in your neighborhood?

For me, in the northern suburbs of Atlanta, GA (USA), I’d say that one of the “mega questions” is “How can I be happy?”

What are the questions in your context?

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Asking the “big questions” relevant to another person is a great way to start a deep conversation. It would give you insights on what issues matter to the responder, his/her hurts and joys, or at least assess his/her current situation.

My “big question” would go like this:

I once served at a church-school ministry that bears the tagline, “Education that cares for a child’s soul.” But the school fees are quite high even for a low-middle income family of 3 (in the Philippines). If the Christian education system really cares about the children’s soul, why not make it affordable for many? Or should the tagline be changed to include, “to those who can afford it”?