We Need Help To See

I wasn’t looking for God when he found me. And that’s weird because I was singing in the choir at church.

But as a fifth-grade soprano, I was less concerned about God and more focused on my appearance. I can see now that being cool wasn’t an option, but I didn’t know that at the time. I was focused on how my robe looked, how I was holding the choral music holder, and how I fit in with the rest of the choir.

In the midst of the service, I saw an older man who was worshiping God with joy. I said a simple prayer, “God, I want what that man has.” Immediately I felt God’s love and experienced overwhelming joy as I worshiped God.

How can we come to know God? It’s good to search for God. The Bible tells us that God has arranged our circumstances so that we might seek God (Acts 17:27).

But sometimes we aren’t able to see our need for God. We’re too focused on how we look or what we want to accomplish or how we can be happy. And so God has to open our eyes and help us see.

I wonder, have you ever had an experience like this? To me, this experience will always remind me of the mercy and the grace of God. He valued a soprano singing in a boys’ choir - and offered me joy.