The Spiritual Wound of Abuse

A very raw, honest, vulnerable… but beautiful conversation with Lori Anne Thompson about the spiritual wound of abuse.

My hope is you’ll feel a little less alone in your own journey - or a little more compassionate as you walk with others.


I am so thankful for this conversation that you and Lori Ann held, despite the tremendous cost to you both. Lori Ann’s words made me smile and shed tears, and I feel that what you both brought is exactly what people need to hear. I’m not coming from the perspective of a survivor/overcomer but as someone who might come alongside one, and the insight she shared and the way she points to hope through the pain is so precious. Thank you, both for this.


It has taken me a while to get through this interview, as I’ve had to watch it in spurts, but, like @alison, I’d like to thank you both for even being willing and open to speak with each other about this…and then allow us to listen in! There are so many things – both heartbreaking and infuriating – to unpick in evangelical culture that enable abuse. I feel like this conversation and others like it help us along the road of healing the social fabric shredded by sin.

I want to go back and listen to it again because I feel like Lori Anne gave us so many nuggets for reflection… Thank you, thank you both.