Stephen Foster - How Serving Coffee Changed My Life

In this powerful video - “I’m a barrister - not a barista”, Stephen Foster shares how serving coffee changed his life.

After you watch it, let me know what you think.

To me, his emotion connects with me - reluctant service and a stiff arm to other Christians. Then through simple act of helping out, realizing how he cared about other people .


What words are adequate to describe the “aha” moment when we realize the church is the bride of Christ, and I am a part of it.

Carson has just given me a link to the You Tube channel where he talks with a teacher about what it means to be a Christian. Again the issues are profound. God has put His Name upon us. I began listening to it- and this Dr. would say a hearty amen to Steve’s reflections.

What would be the difference in my life if I looked to others interests as well as my own? It’s challenging, isn’t it?


What Does It Mean To Be A Christian? featuring Dr. Carmen Imes]

I hope I have linked this adequately. It’s an insightful discussion.


@geoff, thank you for posting the video with Dr. Imes. I had watched it earlier but forgotten some of it. It was helpful to revisit how as Christians we can respond to our struggles and those of our brothers and sisters in Christ. To live out the theology is indeed not easy but honesty and support makes the journey so much easier. Thanks for sharing some of the difficulties you have experienced. May you find strength and restoration as you walk in the Lord.

@Carson, that’s wonderful that Stephen Foster found love for Christians he couldn’t relate with before, through serving coffee! Clearly, Jesus’s sacrifice for his bride, the church, compelled him to serve the imperfect bride. Whether we feel the love or not, the understanding of Jesus’s sacrifice may help us make the choice to serve the church. And this service doesnt need to be in some official form but may be something as simple as being there for a single parent, writing a note of encouragement, or providing supplies for a church gathering.

Until I became a Christian and started attending church, I was not aware of some of the unhealthy patterns of interaction that can happen in a church. One common problem I have encountered is a lack of authenticity in relationships. This can cause people to feel dissatisfied and withdraw from church. Serving others in church is a great way to get to know people and improve those relationships. Also, building a safe culture where people can freely share their struggles and doubts without fearing isolation is another thing we can all do.


It’s hard. How to know who is safe and who is not is a major issue.

The loss of friends when a marriage encounters troubles is another issue. People simply do not know what to say and do.

For five years I have struggled in the church. Long story. Yes Carson, it’s a practical strategy to look to others needs and not just your own. It’s rare. In Paul’s day it was rare (Phil 2:19-21). Today it’s rare also.

Thanks for the encouragement.