Spiritual growth

Hi…my name is Alicia. I am joining school in just a few days and I would really like to make my bond with God stronger. What ways can I do this everyday so that while I am at school…which is boarding by the way… My bond with Him grows stronger?
P.s I love your website
My name is Alicia and I am 17years old. I live all the way in Africa in a country called Uganda. I love to draw and read novels during my spare time and God is the one thing in my life that I want to make sense.


Hi @mutanga,

So glad you joined, and thank you for asking an awesome question!

The most important habits I’ve developed are reading the Bible and practicing God’s presence.

This free course helps me experience that God is already with me: Together Prayer Experience — Uncommon Pursuit

As for Bible reading, step 6 of 12 Steps to God talks about how we can approach the Bible as a source of nourishment for our souls.

Also, I often have a lot of questions about the Bible, and whenever you get stuck, confused, or just curious about what you’re reading, I encourage you to ask your question in the community. Our policy is that anyone can ask unlimited questions.

I’m curious to hear what others will share. In the meantime, what has helped you feel connected to God so far?


This comforting feeling I get that He is there for me even in the hardest of moments…like when sth tells me to give up but I would normally do that but these days I don’t


Welcome @mutanga,
This personal relationship with our living Savior, walking together, and listening to His leading as your best friend, that knows you best is a proven way to develop a strong and vibrant God filled life. Your desire to bond with Christ is wonderful to see at your age, I pray you find all you seek and more.

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Thank you so much! :blush:


We’re so glad you’ve joined us, Alicia! What a beautiful thing to be pursuing God a such an age. One thing that always helped me in my walk was to be in community with others who were also doing that same journey. And if you have a chance, get to know people of all ages. Some of the most encouraging people along my path have been those who have seen much more of life than I have. So if you can get to a healthy church, do so! :smile:

And, of course, if you have access to a computer, you always have us. We may not be in person with you, but we have quite the reach if you ever are stuck with a question! Blessings to you.