Sharing God's Love Online

The internet can be a confusing mess! There’s so much information out there, and it’s hard to know what’s legit. False information doesn’t come with a warning label! It’s often presented as obvious, reasonable, and good for us.

That’s where we want to come in - prayerfully, sincerely, and joyfully.

At Uncommon Pursuit, we want to be a trustworthy guide as people try to find answers they can count on. As our discussions become more popular on search engines and social media, our responsibility increases.

Because when someone googles a question or a pastor refers someone to our community, we want to consistently deliver an answer that helps, not harms.

So here’s the deal - writing awesome posts takes work. We have to put in the time to do our research, speak the truth in love, and make sure our facts are straight.

But it’s worth it if it means we’re going to be there for someone searching for meaning and purpose.

And this is a project far bigger than any one of us can accomplish.

So this is where you come in. The stuff you write has power - to encourage those who are struggling, to shed more light in dark corners, to answer half-baked theology with rigorous scholarship.

Most importantly, anytime you post something coming from a place of grace and wisdom, it shows people the compassion of God.

We’re looking for people who want to help others, even if it’s just by asking great questions and sharing awesome answers. There are so many people looking for what we’ve found - hope, truth, meaning. But they can’t find it unless we create places like this for them.

I know from personal experience this takes work, prayer, and patience. Sometimes, just to answer one person’s question, I’ve bought a book or a commentary. But how cool is it to be part of showing someone the unconditional love at the heart of Jesus’ message?

If this sounds like a mission you can get behind, we need you on our team. God is on an uncommon pursuit - it’s a joy to participate in what he is doing.


I’m in @Carson! I love the feeling of a Christ- centered family here. God bless.


I need to mature in my faith more. Thanks for the welcome.