Playing with Fire: The Risks of Misreading Scripture

A space to discuss the essay, " Playing with Fire: The Risks of Misreading Scripture"


I really liked this comment:

The Bible is more than just a rule book - it’s a tapestry of poems, stories, dreams, visions, letters, and songs.

I love this imagery of a tapestry of different genres. It brings a beauty to the idea of scripture that ‘God’s rule book’ or ‘God’s handbook’ just doesn’t convey. It certainly requires a deepening of reading skills as we progress in the Christian faith.

I was reminded also of my Jehovah’s Witness friends who don’t read the Bible without the ‘help’ of the Watchtower. They have a daily Bible reading book with the daily Watchtower commentary behind it. They have their weekly studies all interpreted through watchtower articles. They have set questions and the congregation are expected to give the set answers. For me, this is a warped version of studying scripture with others because there’s no room to deviate from the particular lens of interpretation that they endorse. It led me to think that perhaps it’s good to emphasise that studying with diverse viewpoints is healthy. Studying with a range of Christians: church group, neighbourhood friends, family. All of these people will draw out different insight, perhaps rooted with different levels of skills in reading scripture. The influence of different denominational interpretation also makes for an interesting and more unbiased discussion. That’s why Uncommon Pursuit is so helpful - that broad spectrum of ideas is present here, and whilst agreeing to the doctrinal statement removes off-piste theology, there’s plenty of room for agreement, disagreement, and growth throughout.

Certainly studying scripture with others is essential for spiritual growth.


Nicely stated! The Word of God is to be rightly divided (2Tim 2:15). This means it can be, wrongly divided. The Apostle Paul encouraged believers to be like the Boreans and search the Scriptures to see if these things are true. I believe Scripture interprets Scripture with the help of the Holy Spirit and a surrendered heart. Scripture is not about proving ourselves right, but always proving that God is right!!!