My Two Biggest Mistakes Applying Philippians 4:4

Philippians 4:4 is one of my favorite verses in the Bible.

In this video, I share two of my biggest mistakes in understanding and applying it.


@Carson, thanks for sharing how a deep knowing that God will take care of us no matter the situation helps us receive grace to be joyful in all situations. Despite trusting God for my salvation I am sometimes unable to trust God for my particular situation because of believing that God may allow an outcome that I am not ready to face. When in reality, whatever the outcome, though I may not be ready to face it in my own strength, I am ready to face it with God’s strength. As believers we can choose to change the source of our joy from our circumstances to being loved by God and being in his will. Many we consider heroes of faith have accepted difficult circumstances and experienced the joy of just being in God’s will.


@lakshmi, I think you’ve said it more clearly than I did. It sparks this:

We all have bad circumstances.

We all have difficult emotions.

I can either experience those by myself.

Or I can experience them in God’s presence, with some measure of joy that I am still following God even though it is hard right now.

Most people have good circumstances.

Most people have happy emotions.

We can experience those by ourselves, too.

Or we can experience them with Jesus, with some measure of joy that we are following God that doubles the sweetness of these good times.