Looking for Bible study resources

Does anyone have any suggestions for good Bible study resources? I’m looking for something that would take me through a whole book of the Bible, verse by verse in great detail. I prefer resources that open up the depth of theology, apologetics and context of the Biblical narrative. I’d love to hear any recommendations from anyone, thanks! :grinning:


Hi Alison,

I have used some courses from ‘Knowing the Bible’ series available on The Gospel Coalition for our study groups in church. The last study we did was James - Greg Gilbert which we liked as a group.

Here’s the link -


Oh that looks really great! Thanks for sharing that.


Classroom studies

I am a fan of the Bible Project. People connect them with their excellent bible animation, but this is a self-paced virtual classroom setting with a syllabus, course notes, and quizzes. Currently, there are eight courses; your time commitment will be around 14 hours.
I highly recommend Introduction to the Hebrew Bible, where in the world did it come from.


Thanks @jimmy , I like the look of their deep dives into whole books of the Bible. I’ll enjoy exploring that!

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