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Good evening, before I go any further this thought has been bothering me for quite a while, if we call ourselves Christians and I am sure the bible we all carry is the same, why does racism exist inside the church?



Are you asking this question because you have seen or experienced racist behavior in the local church or the church universal? I ask this because I am a long-time follower of Jesus in the US, and it has been my experience that I have rarely been in a church that represented the local demographics ( 2-6 mile radius) of the neighborhood despite genuine efforts on the part of the membership to reach out and include the neighborhood. Is this what you are referring to as racism?

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Hey @kerlyne , like @jimmy I’d be interested to know if this is something you’ve witnessed. I’m so sorry that there is racism in the church! What a terrible witness to the love of God. I suppose that the reason it may exist is that in some places, people are more influenced by local culture and politics than they are by the Word of God. In such places, I wonder if they really are Christian? They certainly don’t reflect the Biblical teaching that every man and woman is created in the image of God. Perhaps they take certain scriptures out of context to support racist beliefs? If so, it shows there needs to be more available sound Biblical teaching on understanding Old and New Testament narratives.



Good evening, this may be simple or complex depending on what is racism, because most people have a different outlook on the subject.

Our dilemas main point is seperation rather than unity which creates strife and tension which has plagued us since the garden.

A short answer would be any “Church” is filled with sinners saved by grace yet still a work in progress.

God is colorblind since He looks inwardly and we Humans cannot.

In agreement we shouldnt be racist since we are justified by Christ. So when God sees us He sees Christ.

Our challenge is to look at others and see them as a child of God and viewing them as Christ, as it says as oft as you do it to the least of these my little ones.

If I stop and think about this I am reminded of my chilhood growing up during the 50, 60s and the massive racial tension in our city.

Most people were not comfortable with desegregation which adds another dimension to it today, our insecurities drive that scenario, because we are more at ease with like minded thinkers, talkers.

I live in small rural place and a local neighborhood was having a “block party” with current and former residents. I was amazed at the mixed diversity.

A counter question arises, how can we except and be relaxed around some but not others.

Phobias effect our interaction with everyone, we all have those preconceived ideas that challenge us about certain people.

Leaving the race out all, divisions create problems, lower, middle upper class, cool kids, mean kids. Smart kids, we a very good at segegation white collar, blue ,collar and as you shared the Church.

I once read that over a thousand religions existed because of doctrinal differences they would not resolve.

While not always a conscience awareness we desire to feel safe, and at ease its in our nature.

I have visited and worshipped together with many different Churches that had a different style, an African missionary team was amazing to join in though it had its own foreign uniqueness.

Look to Christ alone our rallying point who is the same always.

God bless