How To Judge People

Hi friends,

In this short video, I provide some tips on how to judge people.


I loved this video! Very funny and vivid, had me laughing, but also just a helpful reminder and explanation of Jesus’ teaching.

The Chrysostom quote was new for me and I found it a helpful way to think about it. I definitely catch myself sometimes during sermons or my Bible reading thinking about how great this message would be for someone else, completely skipping past an examination of myself and failing to reflect on what God may be saying to ME in that moment.

I think the other area where I have difficulty with this can be in being open enough in community to allow others to see the specks (or logs) in my eyes in order that I may be corrected.

The aspect of being open to correction really stuck out to me after studying through Proverbs this spring. A big part of the language in Proverbs is all of the different Hebrew terms for fools. There’s the “simple” who are the main addressees of Proverbs and most open to correction and gaining wisdom. Then the “fool” who has begun to be entrenched in their foolishness and is experiencing all of its negative effects. Next is the “scoffer” who is so set in their foolishness that they will make fun of others for their wisdom. Lastly there is the Nabal, which I’m not sure of a good translation, but it is the name of Abigail’s husband who David would have killed in 1 Sam 25, and he seems to exemplify the term pretty well.

It just really illustrates how being closed off to correction is a slippery and dangerous path with a very bad end. So, I want to continue building community where I am open and humble enough to receive and respond to correction and where I will have the courage to share that same gift (though carefully, thoughtfully and humbly) back to others.

Which part stuck out the most for you or is most difficult to implement in your life?