How does writing help with spiritual growth?

I often bumble through my days. I’m pushed and pulled by various emotions, thoughts, and circumstances.

But if I take the time to journal about what is going on in my heart, I start to find clarity. I’m able to express what’s going on with God.

If my kids ask a question, I can stumble over my words. But if I think about what I believe and why and write it down, I can give them a better answer.

I love this graphic by Janis Ozolins:

(We should also discuss how drawing and sketching can help with spiritual growth.)

Janis shows us that when we write down our questions and answers, we gain clarity.

Clarity enables us to understand, remember, practice, and share the love of God.

If the only benefit of writing were clarity, it would be worth it.

How does writing help you develop as a Christian?


Hi my name is Lori and I just joined today and I like this topic because I love writing about things I’ve look up that I had a hard time understanding certain verses of scripture and I keep them in a small book and look them over again from time to time but I feel like it helps me to better understand things from Gods point of view. I basically look up things from google a lot but sometimes I wonder if I’m getting what I’m looking for. I hope that I’m making sense here but I feel like a get clarity on a lot of things I look up. And that’s mainly why I do it. I feel like I’m growing to understand God more.


Hey @lori,

That’s an awesome habit!

If you’d like to get a more trustworthy response than Google (though I recommend using Google too), feel free to start new conversations on passages of Scripture that you’d like to understand better. This is a community of passionate Bible studiers!