How do you envision God?

I’m an animal rescuer. Any animal in need, and I do whatever I can… This morning, one of my rescue kitties was feeling lost, crying out and trying to get my attention while I was in the shower. To understand his need, you need to know a bit of his story.

I was feeding a colony of feral cats when this new one showed up at the colony. I noticed right away that he was VERY sick, yet he came hobbling up to beg for food. He had dead skin hanging off his forehead with infection pouring out, could barely stand, much less walk, and was severely underweight. He trusted me enough, though, to pick him up, put him into a crate (tot-tote), and put him in the car.

I told my vet to do whatever they could and gave them my credit card. In the middle of surgery, the doctor called me and said he had probably a 50% chance of surviving and asked what I wanted him to do. I told him that this cat deserved the chance to live, to do his best.

As a nurse, I knew I had my work ahead of me to help this poor baby, but I didn’t know the half of it. When I picked him up at the very, Dr. B told me that the wounds the cat had suffered were intentional. Someone thought it would be fun to break all of his wrist and ankle joints and then throw some type of acid on him. This cat had physical wounds, but he also had severe emotional wounds. When I took him home, he hid under my bed and refused to come out. I had to crawl under there to treat his wounds, to feed him, put a litter box at the foot of the bed and not go in when he would come out to use it. For 3 months we did this before he began to emerge. It took almost a year for him to come out if my husband was home. Took 2 years for him to sit next to me on a chair and almost 4 for him to climb into my lap.

There’s no rehoming him, he’s damaged emotionally, but we, he and I, have grown very close. He knows I’ll never hurt him, I’ll never leave him, I’m always there for a cuddle, kiss, or just to “talk” to. So this morning, he’s crying out for attention and finds me. I’m trying to dry off and get ready for my day, but he needed me. What could I do but stop to reassure him?

That’s how I see God. I talk to Him all day, I love listening to His Word, speaking to Him, feeling His presence. But sometimes, when I’m feeling lost or alone, I cry out for Him. He stops whatever He’s doing and reaches out to me. He is always there to reassure me, telling me I’m His treasure and that He’s my best friend.

How about you? Examples?


@cathi, your heart for caring for animals reminds me of the theme of the good shepherd in the bible. King David sees God as a good shepherd in the psalms because he himself spent much time in the Judean wilderness caring for his sheep and protecting them from dangers. This idea is discussed in Ray Vander Laan’s study called Walking with God in the desert. For example: David used desert images in Ps 40:1-5. The mud and mire described in the psalm is what shepherds experienced in that terrain of Judean wilderness near Bethlehem. The author shares that Bedouin shepherds have stories of how sheep wandered to muddy areas near pools to drink water, but would get so stuck in the mud when it rained that the shepherds had to lift them out and set them on rocks above the water. Its possible David had similar experiences rescuing sheep and so he saw God rescuing him the same way from his difficulties.

That’s much like your experience @cathi with the cat you rescued. If we as humans can find love for an animal, surely God our creator has greater love for us humans ( Matt 6:26).

For me personally, I envision God as a good father. Though my parents are not Christian, my dad set a good example of being a good father of providing, comforting, encouraging and loving sacrificially. When I first got introduced to praying to God as our father in heaven in the Lord’s prayer, it just seemed very natural to pray that way.


I’m so GLAD you were able to envision, and speak the “language” (Biblical language) I was attempting, in my clumsy way, to express.

On my way home today, I was wondering if anyone had read my thought, and if they had, would anyone understand the point of it? You may have guessed that I never studied, formally, seminary or doctrine or, well, any of this in college. Heck, it wasn’t until 6 +/- years ago that I read the Bible for the first time!

However, in that reading, it became VERY clear to me that my Father loves me as no human father would or ever could. As much as I love and care for my Charlie (Good Time Charlie is the kitty), my Father loves me OHH SO much more! As much as I love Him, the Father, He loves me more, better, with more understanding, compassion, consideration, adoration, and with a depth of feeling that is, frankly, inexplicable to me; it’s certainly more than I deserve and could not possibly reciprocate in my human shell.

As much as Charlie depends on and trusts me, I trust and depend on God more. As many times as I’ve been awakened to Charlie crying in the night for reassurance, I’ve cried out for AND RECIEVED that reassurance from Christ more. The cost I paid to rescue Charlie is so miniscule when compared to the cost God paid in sending His Son, nor the cost Jesus paid when He willingly walked with those soldiers into prison, allowed Himself to be brutalized, carried that cross up that long hill, and allowed the murder of His body on that cross for me… so that I could live, even with all of my failures and faults. He died so that we all could live. To be granted the unspeakable privilege of actually speaking to and being heard by my creator! To be allowed to worship Him! What a gift He has given!

Thank you, @lakshmi, for reading and putting into words so eloquently, a reply that touched my heart. God bless you, my sister.



@cathi, thank you. What you have shared about God’s love through your experience is precious. I am glad you were encouraged by my reply. Thanks for letting me know. I happened to read the book I mentioned just a couple days ago and so I was able to recall the information. Its beautiful how God uses our experiences to bless one another.

Your partcipation is hopefully motivating to all in the community to participate. Not everyone is going to be able to go to a seminary but we are all called to edify other members in the body of Christ. I have no formal biblical degree either except for a few short courses that I have taken here and there over the years. As I participated on UP, I began growing in my familiarity with available biblical resources. Somehow, we often miss opportunities both online and in local settings to share what God may be teaching us. I wonder how many more stories are yet to be discovered in creation as God has indeed revealed Himself through His creation ( Rom 1:20). Look forward to reading more of your insights. God bless you as well Cathi.



I’m a ready and very willing student, and really enjoy growing my Biblical knowledge. I love the fact that I’m not “less than” here because of my lack of training. I’m simply accepted for who I am, a sister, and am judged by my written words, by the thoughts and feelings I’m able to convey. In this environment, I’m growing by leaps and bounds, learning not only Biblical truths, but truths about who Christ is calling me to be.

You and the UP forum have given me SO MUCH MORE than a “formal” college forum could. In large part, this is because you’ve all shown such compassion, grace, thoughtfulness, and your willingness to teach everyone (nè the joy you show in doing so!). It’s an example to those of us who’ve either come to faith later in life, who haven’t read or understood huge portions of the Bible, who didn’t have parental examples, etc. what the true meaning of the word “Christian” is.


Wow! Praise to God. Thank you. That’s incredibly encouraging.


This may not be quite what you mean when you say envision God, but I envision him as essentially a giant loving hand. Maybe this is an influence of seeing a stained glass window, but whoever I lie in bed praying, or I am worried, I just feel like God is just holding me in the palm of his hand, caring for me and loving me and so big he has the power to overcome anything in my life.


That’s beautiful. So very beautiful is the picture you paint of that hand cradling you in His protective palm. :heart: