How do you discern God's will?

Hi friends,

One question that every Christian has to ask themselves at some point in time is, What is God’s will for my life?

How do you discern God’s will?

And perhaps just as importantly, what have you learned is unhelpful or even foolish to do in discerning God’s will?


Aside from what has already been revealed in the Scriptures, the following has been useful guidance in some cases I have already encountered:

  1. Seeking counsel from trusted spiritual mentors (plural)
    —majority opinion does not necessarily confirm an option, but gaining different perspectives might be beneficial when it comes to major decisions.
  2. Checking and challenging your purpose and/or motivation
    —if there’s even a shade of doubt as to the sincerity, purity, or integrity of your purpose and/or motivation, it’s a red flag to be considered.
  3. Envisioning the end result if it aligns to God’s revealed purpose to/for you
    —do you see yourself fulfilling God’s revealed purpose with your choice?
  4. And of course, your own personal prayer, devotion, and the Holy Spirit’s conviction.

One very practical example to apply the above list is when considering foreign migration.

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