How Churches Can Care for Young People & Their Mental Health - Featuring Dr. Josh Packard

A space to discuss the deep-dive interview with Dr. Josh Packard.

Discussion questions:

  1. Why is listening important to you?

  2. Jeff Neel, the Executive Director of Northern Colorado Youth for Christ, says, “Young people have to heal and belong before they can hear and believe.” What does this mean for you?

  3. What are you experiencing or seeing in regards to the mental health of young people?

  4. How does your congregation notice, name, and know young people?

  5. How can your congregation foster a culture of curiosity?

  6. What did you find interesting (or challenging) about this discussion?


Thank you, Brother @Carson , for opening this up!

Glad to found it in time for tomorrow’s Bible Study session with the grade 12 class of my eldest. It gave me an excellent opening topic that would connect meaningfully with the students.

Praying that the Lord would guide this ministry to its fruition and that I could minister to the souls of these students :pray:


Hi @dennis,

That’s encouraging to hear! Let us know how it goes - and if there are any follow-up questions!

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Hi @Carson :wave:

Just an update, as requested.

My first Bible Study session was not as good as I would have wanted it. But one thing that, I guess, somehow redeemed what should have been an utter failure are these:

  1. God’s Word has been read before them, especially about the eternal, infallible truth of God’s revelation and God’s love for man
  2. I was able to collect personally written questions and topics of interest that they wanted to be discussed. (13 out of 33 students submitted back their notes most having 3 questions and 3 topics of interest.)

True enough many of the students listed issues/questions related to mental health (8 out of 13).

Please pray for the Holy Spirit’s guidance on my next Bible study session (Thursday, 5-6pm PHT) with the students that He may enable me to connect with them in a meaningful way and bring them the gospel. And that this opportunity will not be hindered by the Enemy or my own shortcomings.

My eldest daughter have already invited a few of her classmates to our church, and has one consistent attendee. Please pray that this person may come to the Lord in faith and signify his obedience to Him through water baptism.


Thank you bringing insightful tools for our young people regarding this topic. Young peoplecwant to he heard in a safe place with no fear of retribution or being made fun of. I will be implementing some of the suggestions with my own family.


Hi Jackie,

That’s encouraging to hear. Go gently with it, and see how each person responds. As you know, the goal is never to apply something but to love each family member with wisdom and care.

I’m incredibly grateful this talk equipped you. I am curious to hear what you learn as you integrate it into your family rhythms.

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Hi :wave: @Carson

Just some update and follow-up questions related to this topic.

My eldest daughter has completed her high school years and was able to win two for Christ (one was a fruit of the after-class Bible Study we had.)

The Young People’s group of our church were able to secure another after-class Bible Study time slot in a different school.
For formality, the school principal requires us to submit a lesson series which would serve as an extra-curricular activity for participating students.
I’m sharing this in the hopes of finding a resource material for the required lesson series for senior high, or at least a lead where to find one.

May the UP Community include the growth of this ministry in your prayers🙏


Hi @dennis,

Thank you for sharing this update. I am rejoicing at how your daughter is leading others to Christ!

And it’s encouraging to see that the youth group continues to have opportunities to serve students in the local school.

Would it work to use either 12 Steps to God or the lessons from God’s Uncommon Pursuit as a curriculum? They might require some enhancement, but they could get you started. And they’re free. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the idea, Bro. @Carson
That’s one option we can use.
I’m sure salvation can easily be weaved through in the discussion.


Hi @dennis,

Yes, I think conversations about salvation will definitely come up!

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