How can we engage with each other about Chrislam?

I have read a few articles recently that refer to something called ‘Chrislam’, which is being promoted as Christianity and Islam coming together on the beliefs that they share, to create friendship and peace between the religions. The latest activity in this area seems to be a new construction taking place in the UAE at Abu Dhabi, which will be called the Abrahamic Family House which will consist of a Church, a Mosque, and a Jewish temple. The project is being run by a group called the Higher Committee of Human Fraternity (HCHF) and has been endorsed by the Pope, and by Grand Imam Ahmad Al Tayyeb. This building project is to celebrate a peaceful coexistence of the religions and is apparently set to open later this year. The name of the building is based on the fact that all 3 religions claim to come from Abraham and is being done in the name of religious tolerance.

I have had some interesting conversations with Christians in the past as to whether the God of Christianity and the god of Islam are the same one. Some people (including Christians) would say that yes, they are the same God, just worshipped in different ways and understood through different scriptures. Whilst I think that the pursuit of peace between different religions is always good, I wonder if some compromises to the scriptural practice of Christianity may come about as a result of this appeasement.
Personally, I believe that Allah is not the God of the Bible, and any attempt to combine Christian worship with that of other religions would be expressly against the Bible.

There seems to be a number of alternative types of Christianity emerging, and Chrislam seems to be amongst them. Whilst I have seen many mainstream Christians carefully address the issues of Progressive Christianity, the Prosperity Gospel, the New Apostolic Reformation etc, I haven’t seen much on Chrislam.

I’m interested to know how people might engage with Christians who support this idea? Has the idea of religious tolerance been confused with something else?

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