Good Friday

Hi friends,

It’s Good Friday.

For me, it’s a somber day mixed with gratitude.

It’s hard for me to pay attention to the gravity of my sin. I’m grateful to have a day set aside to consider my need before God. It’s humbling, convicting, and sobering.

It’s also a day of gratitude.

Luke 23:34 quotes Jesus: “Father, forgive them, because they do not know what they are doing.”"

It’s impossible for me to mine the depths of that statement. What extravagant love Jesus has for us.

How do you remember the crucifixion?


First the crucifixion of Jesus is a 'law of first reference? ’
Oddly enough it really isnt the first reference because Jesus himself discusses this from Isaiah 61. Its from there the law of first reference begins. Depending on which Gospel you read you will read a slight variation… Ever so slight because he had to fulfill the prophecy fron Is 61. Keep in mind all the other prophcies He fulfilled. Its only our spiritual growth that allows us to see it.
Law of first reference follows all of Christ life on earth Keep your eyes open and your heart and then you will see all that had to happen before we even saw Him ( on Earth)

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