Gods in mathematics

This is a great lecture . How scientific thought leads to sound action. I hope the community enjoys the authenticity of the lecture.


Thanks @roosevelt for sharing this video!
I always enjoy listening to John Lennox and really valued some of the points he raised.

Some things that got me thinking were:

  • that whilst not everyone believes in God, they perceive that even a belief in a fictional God is beneficial to the world. They think this belief adds well-being to humanity in general. Of course, John Lennox went on to explain the reasons why we can’t just settle for a fictional God, such as reasons like evidence, experiment, and philosophy.

  • that atheist scientists such as Richard Dawkins are highly erroneous in suggesting belief in God is the equivalent of belief in Father Christmas. Lennox emphasised that the study of belief in God positively affecting the well-being of humanity is actually a psychological enquiry and that atheist scientists like Dawkins have failed to refer to experts in this field when they make sweeping comments.

  • I also appreciated how Lennox defined the concept of Relevance. He took some time in saying that for something to be relevant, we have to look at what it is relevant to. This is where the discussion on multiple studies and meta studies looked at the impact of faith on wellbeing.