Gods calling

i have the calling of helping Children and teenagers. have had so many dream when Children run to me asking me to come and help them, most of them looking dirty and hungry. but I do not know where to start from.


Hi @vincent-Ikem welcome to Uncommon Pursuit and thanks for sharing your heart!

Helping anyone in need is a huge part of responding to God’s calling in your life, so I commend you for responding to this and seeking to move forwards in action.

From my own experience in responding to God’s call, I would say my first step would be to make it a prayer point in your daily life. You can pray in several ways: 1) for clarity on how God wants you to act, 2) for children in your local area that God will meet their needs, and 3) for doors to open in practical steps for you to serve.

Practically, are there any charities or organisations in your local area that serve the needs of children and young people? Perhaps a church that works in partnership with these organisations? If not, are there any global organisations that take action in your area? For working alongside children, I think it’s really important to serve alongside a team of others who make God their priority in life. Often, serving with children will require some training, especially if there’s a chance you’ll be stepping into heartbreaking and difficult situations.

I’m sharing from my own experiences in the UK, however I don’t know if processes would be exactly the same where you are, but I imagine they’re safe principles to follow.

In the meantime, seek for opportunities to serve everyone and anyone that God brings in your way. I’m reminded of Luke 16:10:

Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much

Again in my experience, I have found that God provides small and unexpected ways to grow in the qualities he requires of me before stepping out into the bigger projects. Seek him in how he might be leading you today and this week.

I would be interested to hear what other people might suggest here. I’ll be praying that God leads you in His direction clearly :slightly_smiling_face:.


Thank you for your response, I really appreciate it. No organization close by. I am based in UAE and I have been praying over it for God to help me. I plan on relocating to Nigeria to help the children there in my little way. Once God answered my prayer. I already placed some kids on scholarship with the little I have. Please always remember me in ur Prayers. once again Thank you


I know that this may sound like a cliche answer, but it is my belief that if God calls us to a certain mission field, then He will guide us on how to make the changes needed. Prayer is always the first and best way because while we pray, we can seek discernment and clarity . I commend you for sharing your calling and I will be praying that God will give you clear and concise guidance on how you are to accomplish this also I will pray for you that you will live expectantly, knowing that what God has called you to do, His Will be done.

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