Following Jesus with Generation Alpha - Dr. Dana Kennamer

Hey, do you hope and pray that the next generation will follow Jesus? Are you following Jesus with them?

What do we need to prioritize? What should we avoid?

Dr. Dana Kennamer, a professor of early childhood spirituality, shares the latest research:

Dana’s recommended resources:

Some of the questions we discussed:

  1. What do researchers mean by “Generation Alpha”?

  2. What makes “the air we breathe” different for Generation Alpha compared to prior generations?

  3. What are the “big questions” that Generation Alpha is navigating?

  4. How are families different today than they were a generation ago?

  5. What does it look like for parents to model an authentic faith for their children?

  6. When parents do a great job talking about their faith with their kids, what does that look like?

  7. How do churches follow Jesus with Generation Alpha?