Explaining our faith in public - Stephen Colbert

Hi everyone,

In this video, Dua Lipa asks the American comedian Stephen Colbert about his faith - and gives a fascinating response:

I think it’s an example worth studying and discussing.

Here are some of my initial observations of why it works so well:

For one, it seems to me that he stays within the ‘genre’ that people are expecting: he answers in a way that people are laughing. And he keeps it short - it’s a soundbite. It all fits within the format of late-night TV.

For another, he tells a story. This draws everyone listening into a narrative that points to Christianity.

Further, he’s vulnerable: he talks about issues that we all face, like sadness, death, and fear.

And also, he’s courageous: he doesn’t hold back from stating his commitment as a Christian and as a catholic.

What do you notice about how Colbert handles this question?

How could it inspire your own approach to an opportunity like this?


Amazing. Though sort of merely role playing with his guest, he responded with courage, conviction, and concision. Very intelligent too.

I admire how quickly and concisely did he give his response to an impromptu question. Also, he must have been very consistent with his faith that it was the first thing that came to the questioner’s mind. Wow !

I would probably take one of the following options:

  1. Share my life verse
  2. Short juxtaposition of Rom.6:23 and 2Cor.5:21
  3. The classic John 3:16
  4. John Newton’s quote on him being a great sinner, and God being a great Savior

I would divorce the question from surroundings of that kind and would dissociate my belief from any organisation or from other people’s affairs. I would mention that my relationship came first (which goes back before I can remember) and belief has come slowly since.

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