Egypt's diaspora

I came across Ezek.30:20-26 in my Bible reading and noticed it mentioning of Egypt’s “Diaspora”.

I’m wondering if the verses are referring to Egypt by mistake in place of Israel. (All translations I checked are consistently referring to Egypt.) Or will there be a coming Egyptian Diaspora, similar to Israel’s, as prophesied in the cited reference?

Matthew Henry’s Commentary mentions of Egypt’s defeat with Babylon. But it did not mention much about the “scattering” of Egypt.

Just curious.

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Hi @dennis,

Good question. I am not as fluent with the OT Prophets and I am growing in my understanding slowly. I think I found your answer. Here’s what the Faith Life Study Bible commentary states on these verses -

Ezekiel 30:20–26 (FSB): This oracle can be read as a response to Egypt’s attempted involvement in Judaean affairs in 587 bc. While the Egyptian attack forces the Babylonians to leave Jerusalem, it is not the sign of deliverance that the people of Judah hoped for. Ezekiel warns them against such hopes because Egypt will soon fall.

So, the verses are indeed meant to refer to Egypt. Ezekiel is pronouncing the doom that will come upon Egypt perhaps due to Egypt’s involvement in Judah’s affairs during the reign of Zedekiah. Zedekiah was convinced to rebel against Nebuchadnezzer with the promise of Egyptian support. The judgement of scattering for Egypt echoes the curses on Israel for violation of God’s covenant ( Lev 26:33 ), perhaps as a reminder of His covenant to Israel. It also shows the futility in Israel turning to the promises of other nations for help instead of turning to God’s promises.

You also asked about future prophecies for Egypt. In my understanding, there is no promise of real restoration for the nation of Egypt except that which is offered to all gentile nations through the covenant God made to Israel, revealed in Christ. According to FSB based on Ezekiel 29: 14 - 15 -

The restoration’s only purpose is to present Egypt as an example to others. Rather than being restored to its former glory, Egypt will remain weak.

Egypt would never again rule with strength. Yes, the nation as a whole would know who really is God, but only in His judgement. They would join their allies and other nations that followed after other gods in Sheol, the domain of the dead. This becomes clear in Ezekiel 31:18.