Does the Rapture discourage Christian faithfulness?

I’m wondering if the doctrine of the Rapture discourages Christians from being faithful to God?

I had this thought after reading @alison’s contribution to this discussion Does the Shepherd of Hermas teach the rapture?:

If Jesus’ disciples will be raptured to heaven before the tribulation period, then we don’t need to be ready to endure suffering.

But if we are unprepared to endure suffering for Jesus, then this could have a number of negative effects on Christian discipleship:

  1. When we do suffer, we might question God’s goodness, because our expectation is that God would spare us from suffering.

  2. Instead of focusing on the spiritual disciplines needed to endure suffering, we might spend our time and energy on speculative theories about what God will do in the future.

  3. Because faithfulness to Jesus in difficult times can develop spiritual maturity, if we regularly avoid suffering, we will remain immature.

  4. If we believe God is going to bring an apocalypse to earth, we could neglect caring for the environment and honoring the poor.

If you wanted a doctrine that could appeal to comfortable Christians, the Rapture seems well suited?

How does believing in the Rapture encourage Christians to suffer well, in a way that honors Jesus even in difficult circumstances?

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