Does Christianity help us find purpose?

Another factor that Dr. Jean Twenge identifies for the decline in religious affiliation is from Christian Smith’s book Soul Searching. She quotes:

Others explained that religion “never seemed that interesting to me” or “It got kind of boring" (Generations, 297).

Sometimes I’ve experienced that the biggest purpose at church is… to serve the church.

Serving within our churches is undeniably important. I serve at my church as an elder, a Sunday community leader, and in other ways as asked. I’m grateful for the opportunity to do so! It’s a rewarding experience.

At the same time, what’s more important? Serving God! This is not a Sunday commitment but an all-of-life experience. God is our Friend and every moment of the day, the Holy Spirit is empowering us to love God and love others.

What are some ways you’ve seen church be boring?

How does the Bible give you excitement - and a renewed imagination - to participate in God’s mission?