Does American evangelicalism need a reformation?

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Daniel K. Williams, in a review essay called “Two Visions for an Evangelical Reformation”, published in Christian Scholars Review, summarizes what Russell Moore and Karen Swallow Prior are saying about American evangelicalism. For a detailed analysis and in-depth review of their books, here’s his article:

Both Moore and Prior argue that evangelicalism has become captive to American culture and American politics in ways that have damaged our faithfulness to God.

Moore’s book focuses more on his own journey of disillusionment with the Southern Baptist Convention, whereas Prior examines the historical and cultural influences that shaped modern evangelicalism.

I find their stories encouraging. Together, they helped me to understand what happened to me (and many others), who were traumatized at Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) when we spoke out against Ravi’s abuse.

By providing language and analysis to describe the problem, they provide the first step in pivoting toward a solution.

A few questions…

Have you read either or both books? What did you think about them?

What are some particular ways you’d like to see evangelicals discern the difference between biblical truth and cultural assumptions?

How has the pursuit of political and cultural power compromised our commitment to follow Jesus?

What lessons can we learn from the numerous leadership scandals in the church?

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