Discuss: Why Be Grateful

A space to discuss the esssay, “Why Be Grateful?”


“Why be Grateful” thank you Carson for sharing these transforming insights as to the benefits of gratitude. As you point out, we all should have the most gratitude towards God. For all good things come from God! Which includes the people in our life. I think we should have gratitude towards all of the people in our lives, especially those that challenge us the most. These are the people that grind at the sharp edges of our life to sand them smooth. Sometimes the process is long because the edges have grown hard. Thank God that He brings those people into our lives that are happy to grind at our jagged edges. I’m grateful for all that God does, even when I don’t understand why, I understand that God knows more than me. God knows what is best, we should always follow Him, for He loves us!!!


Great points @kim!

What helps you be grateful for the people who challenge you the most? That’s hard for me to do!

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