Discuss: What is Apologetics?

Is apologetics primarily about giving arguments?

Or explaining how you live for Christ?

In this video, I explain the actual meaning of 1 Peter 3.


This is a very important insight! We are to be ready to defend when asked about our faith and these questions may come from people who disagree with us and even persecute us (1 Peter 3:14-16). That means our lives have to look different!

This reminds me of the meme and discussion, “Preach the gospel at all times and use words if necessary”. Preaching the gospel at all times is through our actions so that unbelievers can see something different about the way we choose to live as Christians, prompting questions about our faith. When we give our apologetic in response to their question, it is more effective and may be better received.

Many of us dont come to faith through a thorough examination of all religions. God often meets us at our point of need and we are drawn by the Holy Spirit as we are convicted of our sin and need for God. Using apologetics that requires much critical thinking for people who are not asking those questions, is like treating everything as a nail just because we have a hammer. It doesn’t work for everyone! I have met many who say, “I could never think clearly enough to sort through all the religions. So I am just going to follow what I understand and be a good person”. They are not asking deep philosophical questions and simply want to know how Christ makes a difference in our life. Rom 12:9-21 has been helpful to me to meditate on to know how I am doing as a Christian.