Discuss: The Gift of Gratitude

A space to discuss the essay “The Gift of Gratitude"

Personal Reflection or Group Discussion Questions:

  1. Have you ever felt pressured to express gratitude in a way that didn’t feel genuine? What was that like?

  2. How does viewing gratitude as something received, rather than something generated, change your approach to thankfulness?

  3. After reading Psalm 136, which verses stand out to you as reasons for gratitude? How does the repeated phrase “His faithful love endures forever” impact your understanding of God’s love and goodness?

  4. How have you personally experienced God’s goodness?

  5. How does the metaphor of two mirrors reflecting into infinity help you understand the nature of authentic gratitude? Can you think of an instance where your gratitude led to even more thankfulness?

  6. How can remembering that “His love endures forever” help us approach not just Thanksgiving, but our daily lives, with gratitude?

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