Discuss: Do You Find the Bible Confusing?

The truth is, we all find the Bible confusing.

But sometimes that’s hard to admit.

In this short video, I explain how we know the Bible is confusing - and the surprising benefits we get from admitting this truth.

Please share why you find the Bible confusing, and I’ll try to answer your questions in a future video!


Yes, I found some verses in the Bible confusing, I don’t know, maybe I had to focus on some words.


I’ve had the same experience with a lot of verses and passages. Some of the times slowing down to focus on some of the words and phrases - or looking at a commentary - made everything clear, and sometimes I still had very little idea what it meant.

I’ve found the questions lead to a lot of great conversations with others though! And, as @Carson noted, keeps me curious and wanting to learn more!

Welcome to the community! I’m praying that you find it an encouraging and helpful place to ask questions and grow closer to God!