Discuss: Blessed Are the Whistleblowers

In this video, I explain some of the reasons it’s hard to speak up about abuse in the church - and why it’s so important that we gain the courage to do so.

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I want to learn from your perspective:

  1. Have you found it challenging to speak up about abuse in religious contexts?

  2. What has helped you find the courage to get involved?

  3. How can we work together to create churches that are vigilant, open, and honest about our struggles, ultimately glorifying God through our actions?

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I may not noticed any abuse in the churches I have been involved in. We create churches that are vigilant by prayer, conversation, and making sure nothing is secret. Yes blessed are the whistleblowers for they must be the pure in heart, because of thewhistleblower may suffer because of it.


Great point. It’s crucial that we ask for the help of God and our community to keep (or develop) a pure heart. Otherwise, there is a risk that, in challenging evil, it can allow us to justify mistreating others as they have mistreated us.