Create a Personal Library of Uncommon Pursuit Resources

Hi friends,

As you read and contribute to discussions in Uncommon Pursuit, you might want to remember your all-time favorite resources.

What if there was a way to bookmark your favorite posts and organize them into a personal library?

I’m so glad you asked! To enable this capacity, our community has a feature called “bookmarks”.

How to bookmark a resource:

First, beneath any post you will see this familiar set of choices:

Screenshot 2023-02-07 at 10.24.44 AM

Click on the “three dots” to open up a wider set of choices. You’ll see this:

Screenshot 2023-02-07 at 10.18.50 AM

Click on the “bookmark” icon (the one that the red arrow is pointing at).

This window will pop up for you:

You can document what the bookmark is for. You can also ask the system to remind you about the bookmark at a later date. If you prefer, select “None needed.”

Once you’ve made your selections, hit the big blue “Save” button. It’s that simple!

But how can I find the articles and discussions I’ve bookmarked?

That’s another great question!

First, you can click on this link to get to your bookmarks:

Alternatively, you can always find your bookmarks on your profile.

Start by clicking on your profile picture, then the bookmarks tab:

Your bookmarks will be displayed. If you want to see all of your bookmarks, click on the ‘down’ arrow’ (I’ve drawn a red arrow pointing to it).

When you go to the bookmarks section of your profile, this is what you’ll see:

By clicking on the ‘three dots’ next to any bookmark, you will see additional options:

Also, note that you can search your bookmarks!

Overall, bookmarking is a powerful tool that enables you to build a personal library of your favorite discussions in the Uncommon Pursuit community. Enjoy!


Great thanks!

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I’ve just bookmarked this post! :bookmark: :smile: