Christianity is Hard!

In this video, I discuss the importance of authenticity in Christian life.

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Three questions to start a conversation:

  1. Have you felt pressure to present a “perfect” version of yourself “for God”?
  2. How could being more honest about your struggles change your relationship with God?
  3. How can we cultivate authenticity while striving to grow in our faith?
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The video gave me a lot to think about. I do feel pressure at times to be perfect. Finding one other person that I can be completely honest with would help me be more authentic.


Dear Brother Carson, First of all, I think you must have been very offended by the lack of sincerity in the car dealership.

I am currently busy with church construction.

I believe that testimony for the Lord and the kingdom of God can sometimes be degraded into exaggeration or a means to gain public recognition for oneself. This is a frequent occurrence in Pakistan, where missionaries are active.
We find many mistakes and exaggerations in our testimony that omit the subject of Christ in Matthew 16:16.
The testimony that the Lord is my Christ and savior has become a very difficult testimony to hear these days.
In this time when testimonies of forgiveness of sins are becoming scarce, I hope this will be a time to reflect on our testimonies.
I pray that people across the continent will overflow with testimony that Jesus is their Savior and Christ, beyond simple repentance.


Yes, I’ve seen this many times. I’m encouraged to hear you speak up about it.

In our Bible study this week, we studied 2 Corinthians 12:1-10.

This passage (and the rest of the letter) shows us that Paul faced the same challenge in his day: “super-apostles” who bragged about their special revelations of God so they could take advantage of Christians.

By contrast, Paul humbly admitted to his struggles, which he saw as a means to develop his capacity to live by God’s strength.

All the posturing and bragging about what we’ve done for God is foolish if we understand that it was all done by God’s power anyways, and we desire to glorify his name.

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