Can Business Glorify God?

A business is designed to give its owners profits. Right?

But Evan Keller believes that business is intended to glorify God.

Come learn what that means for his business, Tree Work Now, and his work with the global poor through Creating Jobs.

​In this live event, hosted by Executive Director Carson Weitnauer, we discuss the difference between an owner mentality and the identity of a steward.

Evan recommended three resources; here they are:

Wealth Creation Manifesto.pdf (133.2 KB)
Gleanings - Tim Weinhold.docx (27.0 KB)
HOW Chapter 3 and Discussion Questions.pdf (4.2 MB)

Questions for discussion:

  1. How do you engage in business for God’s glory?

  2. What do you see as the differences between an owner and a steward?

  3. What Scriptures inform your understanding of God’s purpose for business?

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