Blessed are the poor in spirit - My Step, June 29

For many years, I could not understand what Jesus meant when he said, “Blessed are the poor in spirit.”

Unwilling or unable to be this needy with God, I couldn’t get it.

What kind of God blesses the poor in spirit?

The goodness of God is near.

Blessed are the poor in spirit.

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Your post reminds me of a time that I was living my life totally against God! Satan had me so confused then and I chose a lifestyle that doesn’t fit with His Word. I was a drunk, and even chose a deeper sin with becoming a high-class call girl. At that time in my life it was all about survival. During that time, I chose to have an abortion, because how could I know out of so many customers who the daddy was?! AT THE TIME, I felt like I was saving a child’s life from total misery with me being its mom.
I definitely think I was poor in spirit then! I LOVED GOD! I KNEW I was doing wrong!! So, Satan convinced me that God made me the way I was to be an example of what NOT to be!! He had me convinced of that for years, so I just continued doing the horrible things over and over.
The poor spirit. Not once did He ever leave me!!! I know this now! He SAVED me!!! He put certain people into my path to share the messages He was trying to get to me. He knew I loved Him, but knew I was in a tangle with Satan!
So, I guess my whole point here is that I was a poor spirit that He continued to bless to bring me home! :slight_smile:

Hope that made sense. If not, please delete!! LOL

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@jeni wow! I always find your posts so powerful. Thank you for this example of God redeeming and renewing the poor in spirit.

@jeni - It’s incredible how that insidious voice can get a hold of us! What a beautiful, compassionate God we serve. Thank you for your reflections!

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