Announcing The Gift of Advent!

Hi friends,

I’m so pleased to share a new book with you: The Gift of Advent!

It’s available on Kindle or in paperback.

The Gift of Advent is available through Amazon.

Here’s the overview:

Are you getting stress or joy for Christmas? Imagine a different kind of Advent…

Instead of frenzied consumerism and chaotic busyness, open four gifts with us:

  • Hope - Anchored in God’s promises

  • Peace - Wholeness to overcome the chaos

  • Joy - Inner delight for heavy hearts

  • Love - Sharing the gifts God gave us

Transform how you experience the holiday season:

  • Draw strength from the Scriptures

  • Clear, relevant explanations of God’s word

  • Emotionally honest devotionals

  • Personal and community activities

The book includes access to an online Community Journal! As a ministry that prioritizes community and participation (not just watching and receiving), we’re going to discuss each day’s lesson here:
The Gift of Advent

The Gift of Advent offers you a four-week devotional journey through the Advent season.

I would love for you and your church to join us. Let’s help each other set a different pace and standard for this season.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts and reflections, Carson. I plan to read it once a day throughout Advent. I appreciate your presence and consider it a gift.


Hi @lori1, what a miracle that we are friends and encouraging each other. Honored beyond words that you’d show up to share this. I am eager to learn from your perspective on them.