A Goldilocks Easter

Please share your thoughts on this week’s essay: A Goldilocks Easter

Discussion Questions:

  1. How have you experienced Easter being hyped?

  2. How would we handle suffering if there was no Easter?

  3. What does it look like - from your perspective - to celebrate Easter “just right”?

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Two days ago, my great-grandpa died. My parent told us Easter Morning.
It definitely hit my mom the hardest, but there was a somber mood stretched over all of Easter.
However, it really gave us the chance to stay at home as a family. We didn’t go to church-I don’t think any of us thought we could get through without crying, but we watched it as a family. That was sort of the theme of the day. We cooked together, played board games together, and had a Thanksgiving meal together.
We celebrated Easter as a family, not with the Easter Bunny or an organized egg hunt. We just sat together and celebrated Easter. Though the situation wasn’t good, that’s what I think it is to celebrate Easter “Just Right”
How would we handle suffering if there was no Easter? Yesterday would have been pretty much only crying as we wouldn’t have had the knowledge my great-grandpa is in Heaven.


Hey @maylana, that’s a very tough loss. :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:

Thank you for sharing, will be praying for y’all as you grieve. I’m so grateful you had the comfort of the resurrection amidst the sadness.


Thank you @maylana for sharing how the message of Easter has carried your family these past days. Praying for continued comfort and strength for your family. 🩵